Our Penhow® PenPals™ Collection provides explosions of color in a Nemesia mix! The Penhow® PenPal™ Nemesia Berry Summer Mix is a combination of both Penhow® Cherry Blue and Penhow® Cherry Red; and the Penhow® PenPals™ Nemesia Princess Mix is a combination of Penhow® Little Dragon™ Nemesia Azure Flame and Penhow® Little Dragon™ Nemesia Eternal Flame.

Penhow® PenPals™ Collection

Penhow PenPals Berry Summer Mix

Penhow® PenPal™ ‘Berry Summer Mix’

A mix of Cherry Blue and Cherry Red.

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Nemesia PenPals Princess Mix

Nemesia PenPals™ ‘Princess Mix’

A mix of Azure Flame and Eternal Flame.

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Origin: United Kingdom

Description / Plant Notes:
USDA Zone 9 (20ºF or -6ºC)
Long blooming season
Ideal for early season promotional work in 4” and 6” containers and hanging baskets

Penhow Nemesia Penhow Nemesia Penhow Nemesia Penhow Nemesia Penhow Nemesia