This cheerful triad is another collection from premier breeders of Nemesia. Beautifully colored blooms look fantastic in containers, baskets and the landscape. But color is only one of the many things this plants has going for it; the mounds of sweetly fragrant flowers keep coming month after month. This sterile series is extremely robust, and since it puts no energy into setting seed, it has an incredibly long bloom time. Exceptionally cold tolerant, the Lagoon Nemesia should be the first and last item blooming in the garden.

Penhow® Lagoon™ Collection

Penhow Nemesia Blue Lagoon

Penhow® Blue Lagoon ‘Pengoon’

Elegant, soft blue flowers.

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Nemesia Penhow Pink Lagoon

Penhow® Pink Lagoon ‘Penpink’

Elegant, soft pink flowers.

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Nemesia Penhow White Lagoon

Penhow® White Lagoon ‘Penpur’

Elegant, pure white flowers.

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Origin: United Kingdom

Description / Plant Notes:
USDA Zone 9 (20ºF or -6ºC)
Sterile flowers have a long flowering period
Ideal for early season promotional work in 4” and 6” containers

Penhow Nemesia Penhow Nemesia Penhow Nemesia Penhow Nemesia Penhow Nemesia