Upgrade your spring with bigger, brighter, bicolor flowers. A profusion of elegant flowers come on from early spring and continue through autumn. These compact and rounded habit plants reach a size of just 4″ x 4″ making them the perfect picks for front borders, container gardens or hanging baskets. A truly amazing garden performer, the award-winning hybrid Cherry Collection nemesia will thrive under a very wide range of soils and is so easy to grow.

The Penhow® PenPal™ Berry Summer Mix is a combination of both Penhow® Cherry Blue and Penhow® Cherry Red.

Penhow® Cherry™ Collection

Pehow Cherry Blue

Penhow® ‘Cherry Blue’

Lavender and white bi-color blooms.

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Nemesia Cherry Red

Penhow® ‘Cherry Red’

Cherry red and white bi-color blooms.

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Penhow PenPals Berry Summer Mix

Penhow® PenPal™ ‘Berry Summer Mix’

A mix of Cherry Blue and Cherry Red.

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Origin: United Kingdom

Description / Plant Notes:
USDA Zone 9 (20ºF or -6ºC)
Long flowering period
Compact rounded habit: 4″ x 4″
Masses of flowers over a long season
Ideal for early season promotional work in 4″and 6″ containers

Penhow Nemesia Penhow Nemesia Penhow Nemesia Penhow Nemesia Penhow Nemesia